Ideas for the Home Using Recycled Materials

Lisa Greer

This year will be the year I’m challenging myself to put extra spending on hold for as long as possible. I envision this to be a year-long challenge, but if I make it 6 months, I’ll be satisfied. If I last longer, it will be awesome.

To date, my new budgeting plan has lasted through the end of March, but I still have a lot of challenges to go. Spring styles are out, and the catalogs are stuffed in my mailbox, not to mention home improvement ads and seed catalogs with irresistible specials. Enticing as they may be, I’ve taken a more analytical stance to this visual influx of temptations.

In order to make this work, I have taken inventory of all the “stuff” in our house –general inventory, not a detailed, 400 page spreadsheet, or anything like that. I’ve noted all the “extra” stuff we have lying around, sitting in storage boxes, or stuffed in closets. Rather than taking the common stance of getting rid of everything that we haven’t used in the last two years, I’m taking a closer look to see what can be recycled into something new and more useful. Utilizing search engines to find craft ideas for recycled stuff, or perusing Pinterest for decorating ideas out of recycling, I’ve found numerous ideas for storage and home décor. For example, making a picture frame out of an old window frame, or a bookcase out of an old ladder, or perhaps wall decor from recycled magazines. Check out the websites below and let your imagination flow.

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